WEATHER FORECAST – 2017 PART –II (For the period between 24th July, 2017 and 10th January, 2018)

(Also glimpses into 2018/19 Weather forecast)

The Period between 24th July ‘17 and 16th August ’17 will be very hot and humid. During this period isolated places will experience squally winds with thunderstorms (Very high lightning and thunder activity) with moderate to heavy rainfall. Interior western states, North, Northwest states, Interior & East Karnataka, Telangana, interior Andhra and Tamilnadu are likely to experience this activity.

Important dates:  

  1. Between 30th July, 2017 and 1st August, 2017,
  2. Between 5th August, 2017 and 10th August, 2017
  3. Between 14th August, 2017 and 16th August, 2017

Between 17th August, 2017 and 31st August, 2017 widespread rainfall is forecast. Central Indian states and Northwest states will get the best rainfall compared to the rest of the country.

Important dates: 

A well marked low pressure system will give rainfall initially. It will become a deep depression around 23rd August, 2017 and become a Cyclone around 25th August, 2017. This Cyclone will dump heavy to very heavy rainfall,  oscillate close to the coast between Orissa and Bangladesh before crossing the coast around 31st August, 2017.

Good monsoon activity is forecast during the period between 1st September, 2017 and 12th October, 2017.  Widespread rainfall is forecast with Heavy to Very Heavy rainfall at isolated places.

Important dates: (Heavy to Very Heavy rainfall)

  1. Between 2nd September, 2017 and  6th September, 2017
  2. Between 11th September, 2017 and 14th September, 2017
  3. Between 16th September, 2017 and 20th September, 2017
  4. Between 23rd September, 2017 and 29th September, 2017 and
  5. Between 3rd October, 2017 and 5th October, 2017.

There could be two Cyclones between 7th October, 2017 and 12th October, 2017.

  • The first one will give widespread rainfall before crossing the coast around 11th October, 2017. ( between Mahabalipuram and Ongole)  and
  • The second Cyclone between 15th October, 2017 and 20th October, 2017 will be comparatively dry in terms of rainfall but with devastating winds will cause more damages before crossing the coast between Cuddalore & Nellore around 18th October, 2017.

Squally winds with thunderstorms are forecast for the period between 21st October, 2017 and 8th December, 2017 with moderate to heavy rainfall at isolated places. Northeast Monsoon will set around 26th October, 2017.

Between 8th November, 2017 and 9th December, 2017 below normal temperatures will be recorded.

Important dates;

  • Between 27th October, 2017 and 30th October, 2017
  • Between 3rd November, 2017 and 7th November, 2017
  • Between 10th November, 2017 and 12th November, 2017
  • Between 16th November, 2017 and 19th November, 2017
  • Between 22nd November, 2017 and 28th November, 2017 and
  • Between 2nd December, 2017 and 6th December, 2017.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for the period between 9th December, 2017 and 10th January, 2018.

Important dates:

  • Look for a depression in the Bay of Bengal between 7th December, 2017 and 13th December, 2017. This system will give widespread heavy to very heavy rainfall to the central and south Tamilnadu. North Tamilnadu can expect moderate rainfall only. This depression will weaken after crossing the coast around 9th December, 2017 between Kodikarai and Cuddalore.
  • Between 15th December, 2017 and 18th December, 2017
  • Between 26th December, 2017 and 30th December, 2017
  • 1st January, 2018 and 5th January, 2018  and
  • Between 7th January, 2018 and 10th January, 2018 (Cyclone in south Indian Ocean)

The Northeast monsoon for 2017 could be indifferent and insufficient, but I request people of south India especially Tamilnadu that from March, 2017 ‘The excess pre-monsoon rainfall and a Good southwest monsoon rainfall should be effectively saved and used for the rest of the year.

Moreover like 2017, in 2018 also a short burst of rainfall during last week of January, 2018 and early rainfall from the third week of February2018 till first week of April, 2018 will be of some relief. But very HARSH summer is forecast for the period between 11th April, 2018 and the last week of June, 2018.

The south west monsoon for the year 2018 will begin sluggishly during 3rd week of June, 2018.  But from the last week of June, 2018 rapid changes will take place and the southwest monsoon will be very aggressive and widespread to give ‘The Best rainfall till 3rd week of August, 2018.

From the last week of August, 2018 till last week of September, 2018 more cyclone related weather condition will prevail.  From first week of October, 2018 till end of January, 2019 unending rainfall will cause immense hardship to the southern states in particular Tamilnadu.

In order to plan disaster management and to reduce damages due to cyclone and floods my detailed Weather forecast for the Year 2018/19 will be released before 30th April, 2017.  I am confident this will definitely help the government as well the people to realize the advantage of VEDIC METEOROLOGY.


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