WEATHER FORECAST – 2017 PART –I (For the period between 1st February and 23rd July, 2017)

I assure general public of Tamilnadu and the southern states of India that failure of 2016 Northeast monsoon will be aptly compensated by early rainfall from the beginning of 2017.  Excellent Pre-monsoon rainfall is forecast between March and June, 2017. Also I forecast ‘Near Normal’ rainfall due to timely setting of GOOD SOUTHWEST MONSOON (2017) South West monsoon will extend up to second week of October, 2017.


While daytime and night temperatures will be above normal between 7th February, 2017 and 10th March, 2017, possibility of squally winds with thunderstorms is forecast during the above period.

Important dates:

  • Between 3rd February and 5th February ( North and North West of India, Typhoon in Central Pacific)
  • Between 10th February and 12th February ( North and North West of India, Typhoon in Central Pacific)
  • Between 18th February and 26th February (Moderate to Heavy rainfall in Tamilnadu & light to moderate rainfall in other southern states)
  • Between 3rd March and 6th March there will be Cyclonic depression which may cross the coast around 10th March, 2017 ( Central Pacific )


Between 11th March and 6th April widespread rainfall is forecast with the weather pattern oscillating between Southern states, Northwest and Northern states of India.

Important dates:

  • Between 18th March and 20th March ( Good rains for Tamilnadu and moderate rains for the southern states)
  • VERY SEVERE CYCLONE OR CLOUDBURST is forecast for the period between 22nd March and 27th March, 2017 ( coastal Tamilnadu & south Andhra will be affected)


Change in weather pattern is forecast after 25th March, 2017. Good to moderate rainfall is forecast for Coastal and interior Kerala and Karnataka.

Important dates:

  • Between 3rd April and 6th April, 2017 Severe localised Storm.


The period between 7th April and 22nd April will be hot but squally winds with thunderstorms are forecast for the following dates:

  • Between 10th April and 14th April — Thunderstorm
  • Between 18th April and 22nd April – Cyclone or Localised storm.


The Period between 23rd April and 19th June, 2017 Excellent Pre monsoon rainfall is forecast. All the southern states and Northeast states are sure to get the benefit. While Summer will be normal thunder and lightning will be high during the above period.

Important dates of Moderate/ Heavy rainfall:

  • Between 24th April and 26th April
  • Between 3rd May and 5th May
  • Between 8th May and 10th May
  • Between 18th May and 21st May
  • Between 22nd May and 25th May and
  • Between 1st June and 3rd June


South West monsoon for the year 2017 will set around 31st May/2nd June, 2017.

Sluggish and indifferent rainfall is forecast for the period between 4th June and 12th June, 2017.

Look for Severe Cyclone or Localised Storm or CLOUDBURST between 13th June and 21st June, 2017.  North coastal Andhra or South Orissa coast will be affected.

Squally winds with Thunderstorms are forecast for the period between 22nd June and 5th July, 2017. Important dates:  Between 30th June and 2nd July, 2017

The Period between 6th July and 22nd July will experience wide spread rainfall.

Heavy to Very Heavy rainfall is forecast for the period between 16th July and 23nd July, 2017(Localised storm)

Weather Forecast (Part II) will be released by February, 2017 end for the period between 24th July, 2017 and 7th January, 2018.







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