(For The Period Between 1ST April, 2017 AND 1ST November, 2017)

Every year there are thousands of earthquakes as per the Seismic recording centers all over the World. Except the ‘Devastating and the Killer earthquakes’ most of these earthquakes are not getting noticed. My research is aimed at identifying these ‘Devastating and the Killer earthquakes’. Over the years (from 2002) I had correctly predicted the period of some of the major killer earthquakes. Based on the research I have been doing so far, I am confident to claim that ‘THE PERIOD OF DEVASTATING, KILLER EARTHQUAKES’ can be correctly forecast. But my difficulty is in identifying the exact location of the earthquakes. This is due to the fact that it’s highly complicated, I have zero support in my research and also my limitations. Despite these my research is showing marked improvement in ‘earthquake forecasting. If Government of India forms a ‘Vedic Meteorology Research Center’, I assure my fullest co-operation by sharing my complete research work. Once this research is handled by experts of Astronomy, Geology and Vedic Astro-meteorology; I am confident that within a couple of years we will be able to come out with a ‘TIME TABLE OF WEATHER AND EARTHQUAKES’ for the next 3000 years.

From the first week of April, 2017 an earthquake cycle will be active and will continue till end of August, 2017. During the above period the earthquake will occur in land. Another earthquake cycle also will be active between second week of September, 2017 and second week of October, 2017. During this period the earthquake will be in the ocean and could cause Tsunami.

Important dates for preventive measures:

a) Between 10thApril.’17 and 13thApril,’17(moderate/mine disaster Afghanistan)
b) Between 18th April,’17 and 20th April,’17 (strong less damaging, Indo-Australian ridge.
c) Between 23rd April,’17 and 28th April,’17 (Devastating- Middle East.)
d) Between 2nd May,’17 and 5th May,’17 (Devastating- Middle east)
e) Between 8th May,’17 and 11th May,’17 (Powerful aftershocks)
f) Between 18th May,’17 and 20th May,’17 (Devastating. Indo Australian ridge)
g) Between 24th May,’17 and 27th May,’17 (Powerful –Middle East)
h) Between 30th May,’17 and 20th June,’17 (Strong aftershocks only)

Strong and Powerful Earthquakes are possible Between 21st June, 2017 and 12th July, 2017.

Important dates for preventive measures:

a) Between 21st June,’17 and 24th June,’17 (Congo/Zambia/Egypt)
b) Between 30th June,’17 and 2nd Junly,’17 ( Strong aftershocks) and
c) Between 8th Julu,’17 and 12th July,’17 (East Argentina )

There will be moderate earthquakes/mine disasters/landslides (i) between 13th August,’17 and 16th August,’17 , (ii) between 27th August,’17 and 30th August,’17 and (iii) between 5th September,’17 and 7th September,’17 Central states of India should be on alert.
Another period of Devastating earthquakes is forecast between 12th September.’17 and 4th November, 2017

Important dates for preventive measures:

a) Between 12th September,’17 and 14th September,’17 Devastating. (South China sea/East of Philippines)
b) Between 19th September,’17 and 21st September,’17 Strong (Indonesia)
c) Between 27th September,’17 and 29th September,’17 Strong (Indo Australian ridge)
d) Between 4th October,’17 and 6th October,’17 Strong ( South Indian Ocean) and
e) Between 12th October,’17 and 14th October,’17 Powerful ( Indo Australian Ridge)
f) Between 18th October,’17 and 20th October,’17 powerful aftershocks.
g) Between 27th October,’17 and 29th October,’17 Strong (West Africa/Middle east)
h) Between 1st November,’17 and 5th November,’17 Strong (West Africa/Middle east)




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