My sincere and Heartfelt Thanks to Mr. Mandraselvan who the Founder/Editor for having faith in my forecasting Science and making my Weather and Earthquake Forecast available to viewers all over the World. Ever since an article about my Weather Forecasting Research was published by the famous Tamil weekly ANANDA VIKATAN, Mandraselvan has been constant follower of my forecasts and used to take my forecast through his HAM RADIO operations. Last couple of years he has published my Weather & Earthquake forecasts in his website. Our friendship grew without a meeting between both of us.


RAMACHANDRAN – Astro-Meteorologist

After 12 long years we met for the first time when I went to Rameshwaram during February, 2014. Thanks is too small a gesture towards the Help he has done in making my forecast reach the viewers of the world. I will remain grateful to Mr. Mandraselvan forever. I also thank all the people who have seen my 2015/16 forecast and for the encouraging mails sent by innumerable people.

Mr. Bagwan Singh of NEWS 7 channel has showered HUGE Honour on me with an unbelievable gesture of telecasting my interview under the program PESUM THALAIMAI. He has been following my forecasts for several years.

I also take this opportunity to Thank each and everyone who supported me in my research irrespective of my forecasting success rate. I sincerely convey to each and everyone who started following my Forecast in the web, that I am only a NOVICE with limited skills and trying my hand on a HUGE RESEARCH. Please don’t expect 100% accuracy in my Forecasts as I am yet to get hold of important data and also trying to figure out the complexities in the Solar system and the Zodiac. The reasonable percentage of accuracy of my 2015 Forecast resulted in HUGE recognition especially from general public, highly educated scholars and heads of big industrial units. I am humbled and consider it as a Blessing by the gesture of SRI MURALIDHARASWAMIJI for having published an interview about my research work in his website (

I have split my forecast for 2016-17 in to three parts (1) WEATHER FORECAST, (2) EARTHQUAKE FORECAST and (3) Atlantic and Pacific Hurricane/Typhoon Forecast.


(For the period between 1st January, 2016 & 31st December, 2016)

Our earth experiences thousands of Tremors and mild to moderate quakes every day. My research concentrates only on earthquakes/Volcanic eruptions and landslides which causes damages to life and property. While the earthquake activities are likely to be moderate till the middle of 2016, we are in for a ‘Cycle of Powerful earthquake/Volcanic eruptions and landslides’ between last week of July, 2016 and May, 2017.

1) Look for a powerful earthquake between 2nd January, 2016 and 6th January, 2016. Damages to life and property is forecast for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northwest India.
2) Strong aftershocks and severe landslide is possible between 8th January, 2016 & 10th January, 2016. Also moderate quake/landslide between 24th January, 2016 & 28th January, 2016.
3) Look for strong earthquake between 8th February, 2016 & 12th February, 2016. Disturbances are likely in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northwest India. Volcanic eruption is possible in Central/East Indonesia.
4) Moderate quake / Volcanic eruption and also severe landslides are possible between 21st February, 2016 and 25th February, 2016. North India would face the land slides.
5) Look for Strong earthquake between 1st March, 2016 and 3rd March, 2016. This could be an undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean/West Pacific Ocean. Damages to offshore oil/gas field is forecast.
6) Powerful earthquake is possible between 5th March, 2016 & 9th March, 2016. This earthquake could be more powerful than the above one. Damages to oil rigs/gas fields are possible in the Middle East and in countries in northeast Africa.
7) Very Powerful Earthquake is possible between 18th April, 2016 & 22nd April, 2016. Syria, Lebanon and Northwest Europe could be the locations. South India may experience strong tremors.
8) Severe landslide/moderate quake is possible between 29thApril, 2016 & 1st may, 2016. Locations same as above.
9) Landslide/Mine disaster could strike between 13th May, 2016 & 15th May, 2016. . Locations same as above.
10) Strong quake/powerful landslide/Mine disaster could happen between 20th May, 2016 & 23rd May, 2016. Locations same as above.
11) Between 8th June, 2016 & 14th June, 2016 look for Strong earthquake. Middle east, Pakistan and Northwest could be the locations.
12) Look for powerful earthquake between 18th June, 2016 7 21st June, 2016. Afghanistan, Pakistan and West Gujarat could be the locations.
13) Strong aftershocks are possible in the above locations between 27th & 29th June, 2016 and also 4th July, 2016, between11th July & 13th July, 2016.

I request the general public and the government agencies of the Southern peninsular India to be on high alert due to the possibility of earthquake and related disturbances as per my forecasts under (14),(15),(16) & (17) irrespective of other locations mentioned in my forecast.

14) VERY SEVERE & POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE with SURE POSSIBILITY OF T’SUNAMI causing damages to life and property is likely between 26th July, 2016 and 5th August, 2016. This earthquake could strike close to Andaman-Nicobar Island & Sumatra OR in the Pacific Ocean east of Philippines.
15) Severe Earthquake is possible between 17th August, 2016 & 22nd August, 2016. Locations could be same as above. Tsunami warning is likely during the above period. Strong aftershocks are possible around24th to 27th August, 2016 and 30th /31st, August, 2016.
16) Look for powerful earthquake/Very severe landslide is possible between 8th September, 2016 & 10th September, 2016. Locations could be same as in (14)
17) VERY POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE with SURE POSSIBILITY OF T’SUNAMI is likely between 13th September, 2016 and 19th September, 2016 to cause damages to life and property in the Indian Ocean close to Western Australia. Arabia & Northwest Africa could also experience this earthquake. Strong aftershocks are possible till 24th September, 2016 and also between 2nd & 4th October, 2016.
18) Look for Very Severe earthquake /Very Severe Volcanic eruption between 12th October, 2016 and 17th October, 2016. Locations could be same as above.
19) Strong earthquake/severe landslides possible between 20th October, 2016 & 24th October, 2016. Aftershocks/ volcanic eruptions are possible between 29th October, 2016 & 2nd November, 2016.
20) Look for powerful earthquake between 7th November, 2016 & 12th November, 2016. Afghanistan, Pakistan and North, Northwest India are likely to be affected.
21) Strong earthquake/Severe Landslide/Powerful Volcanic eruption is possible between 26th November, 2016 & 29th November, 2016. Northwest Europe/ Middle East / Northeast Africa could be the locations.
22) Strong Earthquake is possible between 7th December, 2016 & 12th December, 2016. The location could be Countries around Mediterranean Sea/ Afghanistan, Pakistan/ North, Northwest India.

Severe aftershocks/Severe landslides are possible between 19th December, 2016 & 29th December, 2016.




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