Today (26.10.2017) DC carried an article about our Astro-Meteorologist Mr.RAMACHANDRAN’s Weather Forecast, which is published in our website


According to our article we published on 13 March 2017 



We Quoted….
Important dates;
  • Between 27th October, 2017 and 30th October, 2017
  • Between 3rd November, 2017 and 7th November, 2017
  • Between 10th November, 2017 and 12th November, 2017
  • Between 16th November, 2017 and 19th November, 2017
  • Between 22nd November, 2017 and 28th November, 2017 and
  • Between 2nd December, 2017 and 6th December, 2017.
Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for the period between 9th December, 2017 and 10th January, 2018.

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