Political science may be defined as the study of politics and government in terms of it principles, aims and methods. To understand political science in the right perspective, it is essential to study it functional aspects. It plays an important role in the development and inter-linking of various courses.

A student studying in any course can opt for political science. It requires serious probing of maters connecting the nations. A political science employee gets an opportunity to control the financial activities of various agencies of the government. Political science plays of a pivotal role in the importance of budgeting, of budget process, its characteristics, objectives and various the theories of budgeting, principles of budgeting and enactment of budget.

Political science also to assess the changing concept of organisation and human behavior in an organisation. The job prospects unfortunately are not abundant in India. But it is a proven fact that only the political science students can find a birth in the united nations, organisation. Political science is not only closly related to social science, but public relations.

The prospects for students opting this course widen when they enter voluntary organizations. Political science graduates could also look at joining the media as political journalist / analyst / researcher.



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