TS Ramachandran and I, Sanath Kumar S, share a common bond in catching up on interesting videos on the internet and sharing the same with one another. On one such occasion, we bumped into a rather popular video of a Vedic-Astro-Meteorologist Mr Ramachandran. Astrology (Vedanga), as we all know is one of the six disciplines that is associated with the study and understanding of Vedas. Its importance is highlighted in the fact that it is considered the eye of the Vedas. Since the video explained about the methods employed by Mr Ramachandran in his predictions viz. planetary movements etc, we were enthused to meet him. As soon as we laid our hands on his contact details, we requested for a tete-a-tete. His drawing room became our conversation spot, and our conversation, an interview for our readers. With modesty as his middle name, his vast knowledge of astronomy could only be compared to his astonishing levels of humility. His wife, aside of helping him in his research played the perfect host. In this day and age when soothsaying and foretelling appear to be the order of the day, it was a refreshing change to come across a person who has worked for years together to arrive at a base/ foundation which would help him forecast.   Mr Ramachandran, recounts among his famous predictions, the recent floods that hit Chennai. Specialising in the field of weather, climate, disasters, Mr Ramachandran has been practising this art for the past 20 years doling out forecasts year after year. His predictions regularly get printed in National as well as regional dailies ranging from Times of India1 to Kumudam2 etc3 . His recent interview to a channel enjoys twenty thousand views on YouTube4 . A builder by profession, he speaks of astrology and astronomy the way an artist would, of his painting. Only when we heard him speak, did we recognise his voice from a popular FM station where he frequents for forecasts.

How did you get into astrology? What got you interested?

I have all along been studious and was particularly very upset when I could not qualify to study engineering in-spite of securing high marks in my school final examinations. People around me in a bid to console pointed at 7.5 yrs Saturn as the reason. Researching and reading the ‘what and why’ of it got me interested in astrology.

You are called ‘Vedic-Astro-Meterologist’? Please enlighten us on the meaning.

Astro-Meteorology is the exclusive study and forecast of climate with the help of astrology. Since I base the same on our Vedic-sastras, I am called a Vedic-Astro-Meterologist.

The palmists base their predictions on the lines running in the palm. What is the basis of your predictions?

My predictions are based primarily on monitoring movement of various planets and deciphering their impact on earth. Additionally, my knowledge of astrology further enables me in my predictions. For instance, I noted a particular peculiar term in our sastras ‘भानुमध्यमम्’. The term literally translates into ‘Sun-in-the-middle’ or the ‘sandwiched-sun’. Now, when the sun is interspersed between the said planets as indicated by our sastras, the effect on our planet is enunciated there.

What are your thoughts on V Ramakrishnan, the nobel-laurate’s view that “Astrology is not a science, rather a fake discipline”.

I strongly condemn his thoughts and believe that they are baseless, irrational and I even suspect his competence in the subject. I was following his speech on the radio when he voiced his view. Everything about astrology is scientific/ perfect which is why I believe that this art was given to us by the Manufacturer a.k.a Almighty himself and is not man-made. I call it the MANUFACTURER’S MANUAL. How compassionate is our god who has created the Earth, designed all things that happened/ will happen and additionally given us this art which helps us forecast and safeguard ourselves against any potential danger etc. I am reminded of Albert Einstein’s very famous piper quote “Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”


Ramachandran showcasing his forecast-enabling-graphs

Ramachandran showcasing his forecast-enabling-graphs

My past results prove astrology to be a perfect ‘science’. It is not on the basis of probability theory. Infact, with a little bit of help in terms of technology and skilled manpower, I reckon that I’d be able to forecast for as far as 7,000 years going forward. I have identified 40 plus formulae to forecast weather, Cyclones, Typhoons, hurricanes, tornados, cloud burst and natural disasters like earth quakes and landslides. Should this not be scientific, how might identifying/ inventing new formulae be possible? World over, all meteorological agencies including the National Hurricane Centre (‘NHC’)5 concluded that hurricanes cannot be predicted by any means. The scientific world uses all its technological advancements only to observe the physical features of the solar system. They have not even been able to deduce the interaction of different planets in the solar system. My humble view is that they would not be able to understand the geo-centric system and forecast even in 500-1,000 years without resorting to our Vedic sastras.

What are your thoughts about the existence of other planets, the galaxy etc when only our planet, the Earth has liveable conditions?

I believe that the existence of other planets facilitate the functioning of Earth. Each planet is responsible for one of the five elements of nature ie: Air, water etc. For instance, Fire is represented by Mars, Water is represented by Venus, Air by Saturn etc. They are therefore, responsible for the liveable atmosphere provided by Earth to us.

What are your thoughts on the contribution of Greece vis-a-vis India with respect to discovery of planets/ their movements/ A-Z of space?

I believe that the contribution by Greek civilization to the field of astrology may not be their own. I believe that those discoveries were originally from India which travelled to Greece and got termed ‘Greek-discoveries’. People from India might have travelled to Greece carrying with them all these discoveries which saw the light of the day as discoveries made by Greece. I base my answer on the fact that the आधार (foundation) for those discoveries was available only in India without which such discoveries could not be made. Moreover, on a comparative scale, most Greek discoveries are relatively recent.

Comparison always arises between two nearby tangible data (Like 1 & 2, 99 & 100). Since Indus and Greek were the oldest civilizations, there tends to be a comparison on whether Indus (or the modern India and its sub-continent) contributed more or whether Greece contributed more to the field of astrology.

What are your thoughts on non-inclusion of planets such as Neptune, Pluto as per Indian Astrology while they are considered as such in Western Astrology?

I believe that Neptune and Pluto must not be considered for a couple of reasons:

  • Primarily, I am in awe of the intelligence/ acumen of our maharishis (sages) and our ancestors in helping us decipher astrology which I believe to be a perfect science. These are sages who were able to even decode the existence of moon in Jupiter, moon in Saturn etc! Should such great sages, in their wisdom not regard them as planets, I humbly follow suit.
  • Revolution of planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto around the sun is too minuscule in order to imagine them having to play a significant role.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered छाया-ग्रहम् (shadow-planets) as per Indian Astrology. Therefore, they are not treated on par with other planets.

Planets and stars are situated light-years from Earth. They seem like dots on the sky. Moreover, weight as per earth is different vis-a-vis other planets. In this context, how are you able to tell us about what happens in this planet on the skies above, basis planetary positions that are far far away.

I believe and have witnessed the role of the planets in predicting the weather of Earth. That apart, the Geo-centric behaviour of planets in the solar system and also the alignment of stars has a specific effect of earth which are available in our Vedic sastras. To draw an example, imagine a ground that has knee deep water with a stick that is floating in it. When we throw a stone even in the other end of that ground, it causes a kind of wave/ ripple in the water which travels all-the-way till the stick that is floating, causing it to shake and move in a direction. Now, there is no direct connection between this small stone and that stick. Yet, one is able to cause a disturbance to the other indirectly. To equationaise, “Outer planets: Conditions in earth = Stone: Stick”.

What new methods have been applied by you other than those highlighted by our forefathers including the great sages, in predictions?

I do not believe that I have invented any new method. However, I only think I am reading between lines and drawing a different interpretation of the same data. It is only a form of interpretation. One can draw a parallel with the The 700-verse-Bhagwath Gita that has so many different interpretations. The chapters, the slokas, the words also are the same. Yet, there are many different ways of interpretation.

Can you list illustratively your successful predictions?

  • Recent Chennai rains where I’d predicted potential floods between 28 Nov and 5 Dec 6
  • Cyclone Hudhud in the year 2014 7
  • Deficient Southwest Monsoon for the year 20098
  • A Killer earth quake in China in 2008 9

Can you share with us any major predictions you foresee in the coming year?

I am sharing the following predictions with the intent of warning the public/ concerned authorities and not in a bid to cause panic.


  • Summer will last between March 26 and May 3rd week
  • There may be a depression in Bay of Bengal which may travel to Bangladesh/ Burma during the above period.


    • Monsoon is likely to set in between 28th May and 6th June
    • Following states would be exposed to very heavy rainfall/ double excess rainfall between mid-July to mid-September:
      • Madhya Pradesh
      • Maharashtra
      • Orissa
      • Chattisgarh
      • Karnataka
      • Andhra Pradesh
    • The downpour could otherwise be called Atmospheric river or atmospheric waterfall, is sure to cause catastrophic floods.
    • It is advised that harvest be completed by 15th July and any ideas of second cropping may not be considered.

Natural disaster

A life threatening huge earthquake and tsunami is likely to occur between Andaman and Sumatra or between East Philippines and central pacific zone, between last week of July and mid-August.

  Mr Ramachandran stays in Ashok Nagar, Chennai and is reachable on +91 94440 52460. The meteorologist seldom handles horoscope for individuals, for marriages etc and any calls on that front would be futile.



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