(26th September, 2017)

 Like every year this year also right from the beginning many events of WEATHER/LIGHTINING and EARTHQUAKES/LANDSLIDES have happened as per my forecast released earlier this year.

A few examples:

As per my Weather forecast there was substantial Pre-monsoon rainfall, South west Monsoon was sluggish till third week of July, 2017.  Also my forecast of heavy rainfall warning for West and Northwest States of India proved by Severe floods in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

My Forecast of Improved rainfall from 24th July, 2017 has been proved by the rainfall statistics. Tamilnadu which was having 35% deficit rainfall till 29th of July, 2017 jumped to 2% excess rainfall on 1st August, 2017.   My forecast carried clear WARNINGS ABOUT VERY HIGH ACTIVITIES OF LIGHTINING between 24th July, 2017 and 16th August, 2017.  It was sad to know that in Orissa alone more than 34 lives lost due to Lightning during the above period apart from several lives lost in Tamilnadu and other states.

My earthquake forecast for 2017 clearly warned about Moderate Earthquake/Landslides in Central states of India between 13th August, 2017 and 17th August, 2017.  Again I am pained to record here that more than 46 lives lost due to landslides in Himachal Pradesh during the above period. Also there were moderate earthquakes (4.5) in Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh.

While my Location Forecast dates of DEVASTATING Earthquakes from 12th September, 2017 went wrong; the Devastating Earthquake did struck the Mexico city of PUEBLA Killing more than 350 people and causing damages more than 2 Billion $. ,

I am confident that government of India will take note of my forecasts in future and handle “Disaster Management” effectively to prove to the World the Superiority of VEDIC METEOROLOGY.

By oversight I have missed a period (between 5th November, 2017 and 1ST  December, 2017) during which a set of moderate earthquakes/Volcanic eruptions and also a Powerful earthquake are forecast.

I give below the details:

  • Powerful earthquake between 10th November, 2017 and 13th November, 2017 —– The locations could be: South Indian ocean closer to Madagascar and Volcanic eruption in Naples (Italy).,
  • Killer earthquake/Volcanic eruptions possible between 17th November, 2017 and 19th November, 2017 …… Locations same as above and also around south pacific ring of fire islands…
  • Between 24th November, 2017 and 29th November, 2017 look for a wave of powerful Earthquakes. The locations could be:  South Indian Ocean closer to West Australian coast, South Pacific ring of fire islands and Naples (Italy).

I regret for the mistake committed by me while preparing my first Earthquake forecast for 2017.  Except for the possibility of a LANSLIDE around 27th December, 2017 no other event is possible before the end of the year 2017.

 RAMACHANDRAN (Astro-Meteorologist)



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